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Resthyro is a Proven medication for Cat Hyperthyroidism. A condition known in Adult cats over the age of 10 usually, affects the coat shine and the cats temper. Various Symptoms are noted when a cat is affected from hyperthyroidism. Resthyro is specifically used to control Hyperthyroidism in cats. You can Buy Feline Resthyro from the vendor website at now. This medication is natural and you cannot buy resthyro from a store or veterinarian.

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Thyroid Support Gold

overactive thyroid in cat

overactive thyroid in cat is called hyperthyroidism. Overactive thyroid in cats often leads to a range of symptoms which are undesirable. Signs of Overactive thyroid in cats include

They symptoms of overactive thyroid in cat could seem so obvious but treating it before medical intervention is not recommended. Talk to your veterinarian before administering any medication to your cat.

Feline Overactive Thyroid – Hyperthyroidism

Feline Overactive Thyroid is one of the few common causes of death in older cats. Cats over the age of 10 usually are victims to Hyperthyroidism or Feline Overactive Thyroid. A condition which cause excess thyroid enzymes to be secreted to the system creating a range of side effects including appetite loss, loss of coat shine and increased thirst in cats and not to mention irritable moods. Feline overactive thyroid is fatal and should be treated carefully with veterinary and professional help.

though Feline Overactive thyroid treatments are available in the market, many have been found unsuccessful and a few which are successful like the Radioactive Iodine treatment have been found to be very expensive. Treating your cat naturally seems to be an option most people today are taking to. Natural remedies like Thyroid Gold or Resthyro are gaining more importance in treating cats with Hyperthyroidism or Feline overactive thyroid. Packed with natural ingredients, These natural medicines are more of supplements which enables a normal functioning Thyroid glands.

Evidence points to the effectiveness of Natural medicines to cure Feline overactive thyroid with customers and pet lovers who have found success with these products. To know more about these natural products, we recommend that you check on the Natural remedies website at

Thyro Cat Radioactive Iodine Treatment

One of the most Expensive remedies for Cat Hyperthyroidism is the Iodine radioactive treatment. Though a success rate of over 90% has been claimed, the cost of the treatment and the repeat treatment requirement in cats makes this a not so reasonable choice, there are a select few who prefer western remedy to the traditional natural therapy. For those select few, Thyro cat Radioactive Iodine treatment may be your choice. With clinics in NY, CT and MA, Thyro cat has over 5 clinics in the United states.

Lead by Dr. Victor T. Rendano, the thyro cat clinic accepts patients through veterinary referrals only. you can find full details on Thyro cat Radio active Treatment along with a series of Videos on their treatment at their website on

Where to buy resthyro for cats

If you are wondering where to buy Resthyro for cats, Then you are at the right place. Resthyro is now Thyroid support gold, and is improved and more effective than ever. Resthyro, is manufactured and sold by petwellbeing. Like all other products of petwellbeing, resthyro is a fully natural concoction of herbs to help your cat heal from overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. Before you purchase resthyro, be assured that your cat is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Be sure that you have contacted your vet and the prognosis is correct.

Reading the reviews of Resthyro from petwellbeing and other sites will help you in knowing more about the product and how to use them. Petwellbieng has their own site which you can visit to purchase resthyro at the best price with offers on multiple packs.

Overactive thyroid in cats- Hyperthyroidism

2% of all cats over 10 have a thyroid problem according to leading veterinarians worldwide. The causes could range from environmental change to diet. What ever the cause, every cat owner has a responsibility to be aware of problems related to overactive thyroid in cats or otherwise called hyperthyroidism. Cat owners should know the cause for overactive thyroid in cats, their symptoms and remedies. Today science has taken a great approach towards medicine in humans but as with the veterinary science, many vets would agree that we are yet to go a long way. With that said, Prevention is one of the best things you can do today. Every vet owners needs to know what diseases cats have and how it could affect it.

As a cat owner, you should know what hyperthyroidism is or what overactive thyroid in cats could lead to. Do you know that leaving hyperthyroidism in cats could lead to kidney failures and heart ailments, which are often fatal! Veterinarians will prescribe medication to help your cat relieve of its symptoms and its most likely that these symptoms will be removed with other side effects rising. To know what treatments are available and what are the alternative remedies in veterinary science that you should consider is a pet owners responsibility. No veterinarian who prescribes Homeopathic remedy will recommend Natural remedies in his sane mind. And no one with Alopathy will recommend Natural remedies. With that said, its up to the pet owner to decide which treatment to take.

Natural remedies for Overactive thyroid in cats has been known to be effective without any side effect. Check out resthyro for hyperthyroidism in cats to know what natural remedies could do for your cat with hyperthyroidism

Thyroid Support Gold was Resthyro

The infamous resthyro gets a new name and a new package. nothing inside has changed though and there has been no news of any significant difference in the product itself. The package comes with a eye dropper perfectly for ease of administering the product to your cat. IF you dont know what Thyroid Support Gold or Resthyro is , check out the former posts here. Thyroid Support Gold  is a product dedicated towards improving your cat’s thyroid conditions and control hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism affects cats during middle age or old age. Cures include radio therapy to high end drugs. the Thyroid Support Gold  or Resthyro is the only Drug in the market which is natural. For more information check out or click the link below.

Cat Hyperthyroidism / Hypothyroidism Explained By Vet Assistants

Now this video was informative in the beginning but i started laughing after the first few minutes. Now the information is almost always correct , just that they could have done it without trying to act like professional Videographers.

For those who are lazy to read and who want a quick list of things which are related to Cat Hyperthyroidism, Well this is the video you are looking for. EAsy to understand , Simple terms. Explains the kind of treatment available for Cat Hyperthyroidism and Also is quite motivating (Specially when she mentions about Hyperthyroidism being fully curable).

hyperthyroid cats symptoms

hyperthyroid cats symptoms include Vomiting Diarrhea and Hair loss. If your cat is suffering from Hyperthyroidism or you suspect, we suggest that you consult your vet immediately. Hyperthyroidism can be treated well and should be diagnosed before any medication. Some of the symptoms are listed below along with details on why the symptoms occur.



supplements for hyperthyroidism in Cats

Most pet lovers know that there is medication for thyroid diseases in cats. Like most diseases in humans , medication would not be the only thing you want to consider. If you had a flu, you would stick on to a diet. if you had a malaria, the diet varies. now your diet is actually supplementing the medication you take. Consider this , are there any supplements for hyperthyroidisn in cats? yes its necessery that you supplement your medication with the right amount of food and natural medication which can help your cat from hyperthyroidism. Resthyro is a medication, and more so a supplement too. It helps cats come out of hyperthyroidism by providing the right amount of required minerals it requires to come over the hyperthyridism condition.

Resthyro is fully natural and provides no side effects what so ever. So consider yourself purchasing this product from petwellbeing.

enlarged thyroid in cats – Hyperthyroidism

IF you have regularly petted your cat and have felt a bump lately near its throat, its time to call the vet. Hyperthyroidism in cats is a problem in cats when the thyroid glands excrete the enzymes in excess, creating panicky cats. The cats tend to loose extensive weight or gain lots of it. They have increased appetite and thirst, urinate too much and have problems sleeping. The first few signs of Hyperthyroidism in cats is the enlarged thyroid in cats which is in the throat area. Usually a vet could feel it and some times you can too. If you feel an enlarged thyroid in cats, call in the vets. Hyperthyroidism happens in middle aged to older cats and is fatal if not treated in time.

Resthyro is a Treatment for cats suffering from Hyperthyroidism. Try Resthyro now , its natural and has no side effects. Check the link below to know more about Resthyro

feline hyperthyroidism prognosis

Feline Hyperthyroidism prognosis is practically high on cats with early detection. A can which is taken care of and is well attended to has a high Feline hyperthyroidism prognosis. Knowing your cat being with it for a good amount of time has your chance of getting to know your cats health well before it is sick. a gnarl , the unsteady breathing and sometimes the restlessness are all clues about hyperthyroidism in cats . Test could be your sure shot guaranteed way to know if your cat is hyperthyroid. Remember, Be safe, Spend time to know your cat and its health. Feline hyperthyroidism prognosis ensures your cats long life.

Resthyro is a natural treatment for cats suffering from Hyperthyroidism. No matter what your feline hyperthyroidism prognosis is , you can be assured that Resthyro will work and will have no side effects. Check the link below to know more about resthyro


Feline / Cat Hyperthyroidism thyroid disease symptoms

Feline / Cat Hyperthyroidism thyroid disease symptoms range from weight loss to high apetite. Here are some of the common symptoms your cat may show when they are suffering from hyperthyroidism , Thyroid disease.

1. Weight loss in Cats: Hyperthyroidism in cats usually affect not just their thyroid but also their entire system. The excess thryroxin excreted in by the thyroid creates hyperactivity in the cat. This creates more stress in them and they tend to be more active than ever, Eventually making them loose weight. The process is pretty much noticable to the effect of your cat being extremely thin.

2. Increased appetite in cats : Now if you look at their activity (or rather hyper activity) their metabolism rate is so high that they burn their calories as fast as they eat them. Now thats literally! Each time you put something on its bowl you find it empty in an hour. and its back to yowling for food!.

3. Increased Water consumption in Cats: Now Their hyperactivity also tends to show certain disturbed and erratic times. The body heat has increase dramatically which requires your cats to Drink more water than they ever used to. Increased water consumption also leads them to urinate more often.

Resthyro Presents

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Tapazol Vs Resthyro – Alternative Medication for Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Looking back into the Traditional Thyroid imbalance treatments in cats, there seems to be 3 different options. The treatment which is commonly used contains Tapazole. Tapazole has its own benefits but comes with a few risks. Not to mention that your cat may not really like the taste of it (As its administered orally) and some cats may be allergic to it creating adverse effects. Cats allergic to sulfonamides may not really go well with this medication and could be a potential risk. Since its administered by a vet, please make sure that you get your cat tested for allergies before considering administering tapazole. tapazole also has its own side effects including loss of appetite, lethargy, Vomiting, Liver Toxicity and skin diseases. though all these symptoms fall in line with the Already effecting disease, chances are that you will most likely not see a variation in your cats health

Tapazol is administered widely among Hyperthyroidism effected cats. Results vary and there are cats which have been treated well with tapazol. But of course there is another side of the story too. Unlike Tapazol , Resthyro is a bit lighter, Takes a bit of time to take effect and best of all, your cat wouldnt know a thing.

NOTE : Tapazol is not to be administered with Resthyro. Both medications administered together may be risky to your cats health.


Surgery Vs Resthyro – Alternative treatment for Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Among other treatments for Hyperthyroidism comes the second one, Surgery. Not widely popular for its expensive nature, Surgery is less opted. The risks of a surgery could also turn fatal. Hyperthyroidism in Cats emerge at middle age and sometimes late. Some cats dont respond well to surgery and the whole process to begin with the Anaesthesia. The first thing for a surgery is the Anaesthesia and if your cat is allergic to it or if it cannot take the required dosage, chances are that a surgery would not be possible at all. Depending on the age of your cat some vet’s would not recommend anaesthesia. If a surgery is recommended, you may most likely opt for the radio nucleotide imaging, which turns out to be way expensive than most medication. Even worse, its not recommended if your cat’s health is not in condition.

Other risks in a surgery includes, infection and sometimes even removal of the good thyroid secretion glands which is required for good health of your cat


Radioactive iodine treatment for Cat Hyperthyroidism

The last and the least used treatment for cat hyperthyroidism is the radioactive iodine treatment. Yes this is one of the most effective treatment scientifically and results are almost always certain. chances are that the treatment may have to be repeated, but the results are certain and always succesful. On the downside comes the cost. its one of the most Expensive treatments you could ever go for your cat. Most insurance will not cover the cost and chances that the treatment will be succesful in the first attempt is not guaranteed. What more? Your cat may have to be in isolation for up to 7 days while on treatment, adding up to cost and also you not being able to attend to him adding to the frustration.

If you can determine the disease at an early stage, you can always consider resthyro an effective alternative to Cat Hyperthyroidism. You may not have to undergo the ordeal of medications which may disturb your cats health or a surgery. Take action now. Resthyro is safe and proven.


Resthyro And its Side Effects

Resthyro is a natural medication. Its more of a diet supplement. Have you ever had pills or a certain kind of diet to loose weight or gain weight? Has your doctor recommended a particular diet in the past for some disorder? Resthyro is similar to the same. Side effects for most natural medication is literally negligible. Yes you may have instant reactions. Like certain people are allergic to Nuts and if nuts is inculded in the diet, you will obviously have problems. But these problems cannot be considered as side effects. Side effects are long term, usually not noticable in the beginning. Allergies to certain products usually turn up immediately and you can see them almost instantly or in a day or two.

Final thought and research says that Resthyro does not come up with any side effects. But always bear in mind that resthyro is not to be administered on Pregnant or Lactating cats. Always consult your veterinarian before any self medication for they may know if your cat may react adversely to the medication.

Ingredients in Resthyro

ingredients in Resthyro a natural product and like any natural product, you may see results a bit late. Unlike the normal medication which is a direct dosage of chemicals, The ingredients in natural products like Resthyro take time to digest and take effect in the system. But of course there are benefits to natural treatment not to mention a side effect free treatment. Unlike traditional treatment , which cures the disease quite fast but leaves traces of the medication in the body to create other problems, natural Treatment like Resthyro leaves no traces on the body and even if it does, they are natural with no side effects at all.

Resthyro comes with 7 key ingredients.

Though the name seems all too wierd for most of us, These are natural herbs and products which cause no harm if eaten . Combined together it creates resthyro a potion to control thyroid excretion. The result, Obviously a healthy cat in your home.


Ingredients in Resthyro – how it works

there are 7 Ingredients in Resthyro. All natural. Each of these ingredietns has its own action, mixed together creates a potent potion to treat hyperthyroidism. To understand hyperthyroidism in cats and treating it, we have to understand the symptoms. Controlling the symptoms, medically cures the diseases too. Hyperthyroidism in cats creates the following significant symptoms

  1. Excessive Consumption of Food and Water
  2. Vomitting and Diarrhea
  3. Shedding of coat
  4. Yowling
  5. Hyperactivity
  6. Weight loss
  7. Increased urination.

The reason for the above is simply the excessive excretion of the thyroid . The ingredients below and their action helps in treating the symptoms effectively

Ingredient Treats & Improves Works on
Eleuthero stress, insomnia adrenal Gland
Bugleweed calms the system heart, balances an over- or under-active thyroid gland.
Lemon Balm calms the nervous system, treating anxiety heart.
Gotu Kola promotes sleep and improves circulation. rejuvenates the nervous system, strengthens adrenals,
Hawthorne reduces thyroid hormone levels in the blood. It is also the herb most protective of the circulatory system, . treating heart palpitations and anxiety
Skullcap calms the nervous system for over over-stressed patients.
Valerian improves sleep quality calms the central nervous system and soothes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.


Vet Approved Alternative Medication For Cat HyperThyroidism

Leading Vet and cat lover, Dr. Jordan recommends ResThyro for your cat if you find symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats. On your first lab test if your cat is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, Administer Resthyro and see the results. Chances are, in 2-3 days you may find significant results which can help you determine if you need to go for the medications recommended by your vet. Do not be worried on the effects of Resthyro. This is a natural medication with no side effects. Try Resthyro with Milk Thistle at the earliest signs of Heperthyroidism and see the difference. You would be amazed at with the results and your cat would love it too. formulated by leading naturopathic veterinarian, Resthyro is one of the effective medication for Hyperthyroidism with no side effects.


How is Resthyro Administered

Resthyro is a Liquid medication. It comes with an eyedropper marked .5 ml And 1 Ml. Administered 1ml per kg of cat weight, Its easy to administer Resthyro by adding it to any food or milk or even a direct dosage. The bottle lasts a good 6 months and should be refrigerated once opened. What more? If you dont find results there is a guarantee on the product with full money back.

Resthyro is not recommended for Pregnant or lactating cats. Avoid Resthyro at all conditions if your cat is either pregnant or lactating. this creates adverse effects and is not suitable.

Symptoms of HyperThyroidism in Cats

 Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism in cats can be seen if they are suffering from thyroid dysfunction. If the thyroid secretion is excessive the symptoms vary significantly from no thyroid or Lack of thyroid secretion. below are some of the symptoms you can see if your cat is suffering from excessive thyroid secretion otherwise known as hyperthyroidism.

You can also see some of the other symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats like excessive urination, excessive water intake. Diarrhea and vomiting are also seen in some of the cats with hyperthyroidism

HyperThyroidism in Cats and ResThyro

What is HyperThyroidism in Cats and ResThyro? One of the most common ailments in middle aged and older cats is a thyroid problem. Either they have excess Thyroid secretion or lack of it. Either of them are bad and has to be treated in time. Prevention is better than cure, the old saying goes but most times, if not always, its hard to prevent something which you dont know is coming. You cannot start medication and diet for hyperthyroidism just because your cat is over 8 years old. There are chances that your cat will never have hyperthyroidism and you are treating the cat for no reason.

ResThyro is a Natural medicine which provides your cat with the best kind of diet in Small drops. Easy to digest and excellent results for Hyperthyroidism at early stages. ResThyro is a Cure, Resthyro also acts as a preventive measure for hyperthyroidism in cats. ResThyro is natural and one of the best medicines available today for HyperThyroidism.