Ingredients in Resthyro

ingredients in Resthyro a natural product and like any natural product, you may see results a bit late. Unlike the normal medication which is a direct dosage of chemicals, The ingredients in natural products like Resthyro take time to digest and take effect in the system. But of course there are benefits to natural treatment not to mention a side effect free treatment. Unlike traditional treatment , which cures the disease quite fast but leaves traces of the medication in the body to create other problems, natural Treatment like Resthyro leaves no traces on the body and even if it does, they are natural with no side effects at all.

Resthyro comes with 7 key ingredients.

Though the name seems all too wierd for most of us, These are natural herbs and products which cause no harm if eaten . Combined together it creates resthyro a potion to control thyroid excretion. The result, Obviously a healthy cat in your home.


Ingredients in Resthyro – how it works

there are 7 Ingredients in Resthyro. All natural. Each of these ingredietns has its own action, mixed together creates a potent potion to treat hyperthyroidism. To understand hyperthyroidism in cats and treating it, we have to understand the symptoms. Controlling the symptoms, medically cures the diseases too. Hyperthyroidism in cats creates the following significant symptoms

  1. Excessive Consumption of Food and Water
  2. Vomitting and Diarrhea
  3. Shedding of coat
  4. Yowling
  5. Hyperactivity
  6. Weight loss
  7. Increased urination.

The reason for the above is simply the excessive excretion of the thyroid . The ingredients below and their action helps in treating the symptoms effectively

Ingredient Treats & Improves Works on
Eleuthero stress, insomnia adrenal Gland
Bugleweed calms the system heart, balances an over- or under-active thyroid gland.
Lemon Balm calms the nervous system, treating anxiety heart.
Gotu Kola promotes sleep and improves circulation. rejuvenates the nervous system, strengthens adrenals,
Hawthorne reduces thyroid hormone levels in the blood. It is also the herb most protective of the circulatory system, . treating heart palpitations and anxiety
Skullcap calms the nervous system for over over-stressed patients.
Valerian improves sleep quality calms the central nervous system and soothes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.